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About Heart Tones™

Heart Tones (HTIC, LLC ) is committed to delivering the educational resources, services and tools that can enhance and improve communication between providers and patients of diverse backgrounds. Our genuine commitment is to offer relevant and effective consultation, services and products that help those who are helping others experience, acquire and maintain the quality of life they desire.

The vision of Heart Tones is to offer people inspiration and encouragement in every season of life common to humanity.

To encourage, inspire and give hope to the world through the authentic writings and creative works of Gloria Thomas Anderson by providing purposeful, high-quality products and services that Inspire Hearts and Encourage Souls!

H=Healing E=Edifying A=Affirming R=Restoring T=Transforming

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The Heart Tones™ Story: A Historical Journey

Heart Tones™ began in 1986 with a personal, spiritual call to Gloria Thomas Anderson. Her first poem, “Trust and Be Still” was published by David C. Cook in Chicago, IL. She then created Heart Tones™ as the parent name to produce all of her authentic and diverse inspirational products and services under one umbrella.

Heart Tones™ started in 1986 with the successful launch of her first greeting card series, photographic poetic prints and personalized special occasion gifts (wedding, memorials and encouragement). Much of her writings soon became frame-able prints that inspire and encourage people’s hearts in real life situations. Many of her writings have touched hearts around the world, when bookstores and galleries across the country gave display to her unique inspirational works.

This national market reach resulted in deepening her commitment to serve as a channel of encouragement for others to become “Heart Toners”—building a strong caring community of people who care about caring about others.

Writing from the heart has always been Gloria’s love and passion! While creating her very first inspirational greeting card line, she thought about what to name the series and a musical note with a heart appeared in her mind.

Heart Tones™…Tones of the Heart…Melodies of life…Expressions in words of inspiration and encouragement.

That’s how Heart Tones™ came to be in 1986!

Over the years, Heart Tones™ has evolved into a company that offers Gloria’s authentic writings as inspirational books, educational resources and multiple gift items exclusively created through Heart Tones™ Publishing.

Sharing the message of hope, peace and purpose through her writings, work and life are the pillars of Heart Tones™. Whether it is in products created, presentations given or workshops facilitated, the Heart Tones’ mission will always remain the same—to inspire hearts and encourage souls!

Heart Tones™ continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to people in every season of life common to humanity. May it be a source of inspiration and encouragement to you!